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How to style short hair ?

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What is short hair? How to style them ? 

The notion of short hair needs to be clarified before going further in this article.

If the hair falls just above the ears, we consider the hairstyle to be medium-short, an expression that is quite close to the medium-length cut and that is just before the bob cut. We accept the "short bob", even if they are small subtleties of length that do not change the proposals of this article.

From the ears and with a clear neck, the cut is short. For very short haircuts, the length of the hair is between 1 and 3 centimeters.

After thinking about the trendy hairstyles to adopt with a mask, we want to give you lots of ideas and inspiration of hairstyles to wear the short haircut in all femininity and elegance. In this page you will see our idea on how to style short hair for everyday. 

Prepare your notebooks to wear amazingly headbands for short hair.

Summary :

  • Fixing lacquer
  • Sea water sprays for a beach effect
  • Brushing
  • Curls or waves on short hair
  • Braids on short hair!
  • Bangs on short hair!
  • Accessorize your short hair
  • The headband on short hair

How to style your short hair ?

Short hair has enough material for endless hairstyles! In order to stimulate creativity, we have made a non-exhaustive list of pretty hairstyles to adopt for short hair.

Can short hair be feminine ? 

In the famous actresses who wear with brilliance the short hair hairstyle, we can count Scarlett Johansson, Úrsula Corberó who played the role of Rio in the Netflix series La casa del Papel or Keira Knightley. 

how to style hair short

Volume on short hair!

1. Setting Hairspray

To give your hair a volume boost, a very effective way is simply to apply the fixing hairspray to the roots, then with a hand gesture you raise the scalp to give it an upward movement.

2. Sea water sprays for a beach effect

An alternative to hairspray are the seawater hair solutions that can be found in supermarkets or cosmetic stores. These are treatments that promote the beach effect on your hair. That pretty look that we get on our hair after swimming in the salt water of beaches around the world.

These magical little sprays provide a wavy effect for naturally wavy hair and offer instant thickness. Plus, they remind us of good times on vacation by the wate 😊

We tested the Vegan Surf Mist texturizing and volumizing spray from Cut by Fred for $25 and we're all over it!

3. Brushings

brushing short hair

Blow-drying is a great classic for adding volume to hair. However, it requires a minimum of equipment.

To have a beautiful brushing, you will have to work your strands with slightly damp hair.

For those who want to reproduce the effect of the hair salon, you will need a heated brush. Wrap your hair around the brush and pull the brush upwards away from your roots.

If you don't have a heated brush, a blow dryer is an alternative that also works. Wrap strands of hair around a single brush, heat it with a blow dryer and then move the brush away from the scalp.

These steps are to be repeated on all of your upper strands.

Note that the blow-dry will hold better if your hair has an initial layered effect haircut. 

4. Curls or waves on short hair

The various ways to create curls could be the subject of an entire article. But whether it's with a curling iron, braids, curlers or other innovative tricks, curls will give your mane of hair a nice volume.

Depending on the amplitude of the curls, the length of your hair will shorten, for example with these large waves on a short haircut.

 curl short hair

How to curl short hair ? 

There is a easy way to curl your hair with a flat iron or what can also be called a straightener. Watch this video for more details. 

In terms of hairstyle, we can also bet on a plunging square or the bowl cut which has this enormous advantage to give volume for fine and flat hair. 

How to style short curly hair, depends on your desires! Opt for side hair pins to hold your strands.
A scrunchie to make a half ponytail or one of our beautiful headbands that will hold your curls all day long. 

5. Braids on short hair!

Although the length doesn't allow for big braids, small braids on the sides are just as charming for short hair. Can short hair be braided ? It depends on the length of your hair. But if there is at least 3 inches, this section just below will prove you so. 

braids short hair

How to braid short hair?

We found this little video of less than 7 minutes that shows how to braid short hair


6. Bangs on short hair

We play on the rebellious locks to create a side bang with this false effect of jumping right out from the bed.

These models of cut degraded with stripes on the side shows well this research of indolent style and nevertheless elegant.  


Straight and wise bangs are always in fashion season after season. You can also accessorize it with a nice headband.

Demonstration with this pretty casual portrait young girls with bangs and long hair.


7. Accessorize your short hair

Hair accessories is our favorite part.

Here everything is possible, that is the wearing of barrettes and pins or styling with a scarf.

If the length does not allow ponytails, we can create half-tails attached by jewel barrettes, which allow a more sophisticated look than with simple elastics for women. These small accessories can create buns or ponytails plated.

Example with the sublime actress Rachel McAdams and her short blonde haircut.


In conclusion, the styling options for short hair are almost as vast as the styling options for long hair.

How to style very short hair ?

Having very short hair is often associated with a tomboyish look

One of the advantages is that you don't have to go to the hairdresser every week and the styling is much faster. 

The point that can be improved is that, given the length of the hair, the options are indeed more limited. This is an opportunity to be more inventive and creative.

To feminize this Tomboy hairstyle, we bet everything on the accessories!

Cristina Cordula, presenter of the famous french show "Les Reines du shopping", uses and abuses jewels and especially earrings. For proof the slideshow below that show how to style hair short
very short hair

To accentuate her femininity, an eye and lip makeup is also frighteningly feminine.

As far as hair beauty is concerned, gel tips will give them a wet look that can be very chic and glamorous for the holidays.

The headband on short hair 

We can also dress them with a pretty scarf or all types of headbands. We think of course of our favorite accessorize, headbands, hairbands or head jewelry. These accessories adapt to all hair colors and textures. Whether you are blonde, brunette or redhead, whether you have thin or thick hair, there will always be a headband that will enhance your hair according to your taste. 

How to wear a headband with short hair ?

On short hair, the headband is much more visible than on long hair. Putting it on your head in a stable way will naturally give you a nice look.
The most classic way is to put the headband 2-3 cm after the base of your forehead and slide it just behind your ears. 

headband short hair

How short hair changes your face, also depends on the way you style it ! 

You should be able to find what you're looking for in hair accessories on our E-Shop. We hope we've inspired you to try the short hairstyle as a new hairstyle. 

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