how to wear headband

How to wear a headband ?

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Our love for headbands is no longer a secret. And now the question arises, how do you show off your hair with a headband?

While the accessory can be enough on its own, we have a few tips on how to make the item look great on your hair. It will magnify long or short hair for a result that we will not forget.


  1. The history of the headband
  2. Why wear a headband ?
  3. How to wear a headband for long hair ?
  4. How to wear a headband for short hair ?


The first people in history to wear headbands were the ancient Greeks and Romans. According to historians, this accessory ages back to more than 2500 years ago.

At that time headbands were rather small tiaras of laurels or flowers made with gold or silver and decorated with precious stones. These accessories were worn by the Romans during great ceremonies as decorative headdresses.
greek golden headband

 These small precious crowns were also given as awards during the Olympic Games tournaments.

Times have changed and so have headbands! We still wear them during our ceremonies (weddings, baptisms, New Year's Eve parties, etc.). But the reasons are not only aesthetic anymore.



Wearing a headband is the guarantee to have a successful hairstyle with a minimum of effort. Holding the hair back with this accessory allows you to clear the forehead and avoid unruly strands that would interfere with the look. It is an accessory that styles all hair types.

Thus, opting for a headband is to opt for speed and efficiency of style. The hardest part is finding the right headband. A small guide of the headbands could be then useful to you.


Just like the Romans and Greeks, we humans are sensitive to beauty. And the headband is a hair accessory that knows how to enhance the face and head carriage.

The different styles of headbands available in our store allow you to vary your desires and adapt to all personalities.

Plain fabric headbands are timeless basics that will suit all occasions, whether dressy or casual. Their variations with multicolored colors allow more fantasy.

For those who want to adopt a chic and elegant look, velvet, pearl and rhinestone headbands will exceed your expectations.

Floral headbands will satisfy bohemian and free-spirited styles. Metal and leather headbands are perfect for rock and rebel styles.

black pearl headband


These head accessories are objects of expression that allow you to sublimate your look and reveal your creativity.

These hair accessories can be adapted to any fashion by their materials (leather, plastic, satin) as well as by their prints (leopard print, snake print, flower print, checkered, etc.).

The only rule is to have fun and try several to find the headband that suits us best!

Wear a headband for partying

Just like the ancient times, we like to mark the holidays with beautiful jewelry. The headband is part of the family of head jewelry. Find below two gorgeous example of white pearl headband on simply loose hair. 

pearl headband

For your celebratory moments, you can choose crystal and rhinestone versions to light up your hair with color.

For weddings, pearl and satin headbands are accessories that will work wonders.

How to wear a headband with long hair

Headbands are a simple way to style your hair by wearing it 2-3 centimeters from the base of your forehead. However, it is also true that there are some tricks depending on your haircut. This chapter will give you some hairstyle ideas to try with a headband.

Hairstyle ideas to try with a headband for long or medium-length hair

  • Hair loose in the wind and a simple headband

This is the easiest method and will offer you a lot of style! Example below with a floral bow headband on wavy hair.
floral headband

Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, this hairstyle with a headband is always chic. If you decide to choice a pink or a purple headband, you will embrace a nice girly style with no effort.

You can also bring out a few strands in the front to give it a more casual, unkempt look. 

Another example with a velvet headband or a scrunchie headband that also show you how to wear a thick headband.

white velvet headband

white headband lights up the face

The advantage is that you don't need elastic, pins neither other types of clips. The headband will do all the work of making your hair look beautiful and elevate your look effortlessly!

  • The bun

The bun will give you a dressier look with your headband. You can style your hair in a sleek way with a barrette, bobby pins or hairspray. Leave some strands out for a romantic effect!

headband on bun

Or make a very voluminous bun using hairspray and a brush for a perfect blow-dry. As we are nice, we found you a video tutorial quite practical to make several types of buns. 

An example with a thin plastic headband and a messy bun: 

 messy bun with headband

The result is phenomenal with this messy chignon!

  • The ponytail

A very simple classic to achieve. Tie all your hair back with a scrunchie, the result will be terribly elegant. You can do a ponytail up, to the side or down. Here an example worn with a scarf headband with a small bow.

ponytail headband

For a glamorous look, if you have straight hair, you can create beautiful waves with a hair iron. If you have natural curls, you are exempt from this step.

  • Braids

A beautiful braid or a plait and a parting in the middle of the head accompanied by a jewel headband allows a sophisticated cut. A real modern day bohemian princess look.

Also perfect as a wedding hairstyle. As worn here on a nice big braid with a jewel headband with crystals and rhinestones. 

headband with braids

 A golden headband is the perfect hair jewelry for special events. 

How to wear a headband for short hair

The fun of wearing a headband fits short hair!

For short hair, wearing a headband can be a stylish and practical choice. Start by choosing a headband that complements your style and outfit.

Place the headband over your head, ensuring it sits securely around your forehead. For added grip, you can tease the hair near the roots or use bobby pins. Position the headband slightly back from your hairline for a chic look. If you prefer a sportier vibe, place it closer to your forehead. Experiment with different headband styles, such as thin or wide bands, and play with patterns and textures to enhance your short hair's overall appeal. Remember to keep it comfortable, and you're ready to rock the headband with confidence.

Hairstyle ideas to adopt with a headband for short hair

  • Loose hair

The simple and effortless cut that has great effect on your look. Here a demonstration with this classic line of rhinestones headband

headband on short hair

Wearing a headband is also suitable for very short hair. Examples with a vintage plaid bow headband.

plaid headband on short hair

  • Side bang

If your hair length allows it, you can place a fringe on one side of your headband. Look at this headband with a nice blue star pattern on this blond hair texture. 

side bang and headband

  • Messy hair

For a carefree and indolent style, this hairstyle will be perfect. Dress it up with a pretty headband and you'll be surprised by the result. 

Look at this rockabilly look with a simple dot headband in black and white.

messy hair headband

  • The little fringe in the middle of the forehead

A headband can dress up your bangs, as shown below with this casual and innocent style and full of charisma with this striped headband. 

cute headband

If you've come up with an idea or want more inspiration, we invite you to check out our blog dedicated to hairstyle! 

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