Bella Hadid Headband

Bella Hadid headband

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Presentation of Bella Hadid 

Her real name is Isabella Khair Hadid, but the whole world knows her as Bella Hadid. She is a model and influencer born on October 9, 1996 in the American capital Washington.

She began her career alongside her sister Gigi Hadid, they both appeared in an advertising campaign for the luxury brand Balmain.

gigi bella hadid balmain

Since 2014, her career does not stop and the pretty young woman chains modeling contracts with the biggest luxury brands. She becomes one of the most present supermodels on the catwalk, with her acolytes Kendal Jenner or Hailey Baldwin Bieber. Her style influences and makes women dream all over the world.

She will also be noticed as a model for the famous lingerie shows of Victoria's secrets. Like the pretty crown of flowers that she wears very proudly in our banner.

Bella Hadid's style 

Bella Hadid's clothing style is often described as edgy and casual with a touch of elegance. She likes to mix high-end pieces with more casual clothing, like jeans and sneakers, and is known for her love of oversized clothing and athletic fashion.

We noticed a sharp style in terms of fashion. We would define it as natural, casual, glamorous and full of personality. However, it was Bella's hairstyles that stood out to us the most.

Bella Hadid tends to change her hairstyle frequently, but some of her popular cuts include:

  • Long, straight hair
  • Curly or wavy hair
  • Short, tousled hair
  • High and loose ponytails
  • Boyish hairstyles with bangs and shaved sides
  • Headbands!

Bella loves headbands and offers us a style masterclass on how to wear them!

The headbands of Bella Hadid 

The Glamour Pirate

We start with the silk scarf square. She wears it like a modern day glamorous pirate. The classic version uses a bandana, but the effect is less Hollywood.

glamour pirate

To get inspired by her style, grab a cute hair scarf. And follow these steps:

1. Brush your hair to make it smooth.
2. Fold your scarf into a triangle. The larger the scarf, the longer the fabric trail.
3. Put the scarf on your head and tie the two ends of the formed triangle with a strong knot.
The hairstyle is simple and terribly effective for a sexy pirate look!

To finish the look, you can add golden hoop earrings and natural makeup with a little bronzer accent on your cheekbones.

Bella Hadid scarf

To summarize the steps of this tuto, here is a video of demonstration :

An easy look to achieve and wear on vacation, on the beach or like Bella on a private yacht with her model friends. 


2000s headband

A black or white headband, made of elastic fabric and very wide. A simple hair accessory that could have been a simple sports hair accessory just practical.

Bella shows us that with a smooth hairstyle and well-chosen urban clothes, a basic hair accessory can become a cult piece on the beautiful Bella. The result is simply sublime.

large headband bella

It is a hairstyle easier to wear in everyday life. Either to maintain its hair during a day of work. Select a neutral color with a black headband or a white headband to elevate the look in a discreet way.

It's also a great look to go out with friends or to chill out at home in front of Netflix.

The sexy bandana 

banadana sexy

Bella Hadid wears it like US rappers or rock stars. She makes the accessory incredibly sexy. She wears a leather jacket covered with a denim jacket whose sleeves have been cut out in an apparent way. And underneath this overlay, a black lace bra.

The style is rebellious, worked and sexy. A mixture that had to dare.

To wear of course during the shooting of rap videos. But it is also a hairstyle that if associated with more sober outfits such as a fabric jacket and a t-shirt can do wonder in the urban environment.

Bella's head jewel 

Bella Hadid Hair jewel

It was with a sumptuous gold and black headpiece that Bella Hadid showed up at the 2019 MET Gala. The look is whimsical with the allure of a dark queen.

She matched the gold of her jewelry to her earrings as well as her necklace.

This is a sophisticated headpiece and will also be suitable for refined celebrations such as weddings. It will then be necessary to change the dress for an outfit more adapted to the circumstances, like a pretty white lace dress or a flowery dress.

2000s zig zag headband

2000s zig zag headband

A simple and classic headband that gives a glamorous and sexy look. It's an accessory that holds hair in place with a loose hairstyle or tied in a tight bun.

You can add a bit of hairspray to accentuate the shine of the hairstyle or styling gel.

All occasions are good to wear the zig zag headband! Whether it's to play sports, participate in a fashion show or to walk in the streets. It's the quick and easy hair accessory to adopt on a daily basis. 

The wise headband

school girl headband

After all these sexy looks, Bella shows us with this last picture that we can have as well a lot of style with a wise and studious look.

On a natural makeup around brown colors. She matched her small light pink headband to her blouse. A look that reminds us of the famous Blair Waldorf of Gossips Girls!

A discreet and all-purpose hairstyle that allows you to create a colorful reminder in your clothing style.

And to find the headband that suits your personality, visit our gorgeous store dedicated to headband!

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