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Headband fashion ideas but that's not all !

How to style curly hair

How to style curly hair ?

27-11-2022 6 min read

How to style your hair when you have curly hair?

You have curly hair, and you often find yourself lacking hair inspiration. Follow the guide!
How to make a hair mask

How to make a hair mask

19-09-2022 6 min read

Magical, natural mask recipes to deeply nourish and repair your hair.

Easy-to-find ingredients from your closet that are unbelievably effective for enhancing your hair with homemade masks.
Cat ears headband

Cat ears headband

18-08-2022 5 min read

The ear cat headband! Do you prefer to roar or purr? 😸

Cute, chic and sexy looks with an unexpected fashion accessory that has all the success among stars and influencers!  

headbands that don t hurt


01-08-2022 4 min read

Do headbands hurt your head? Do certain accessories damage your hair?

We wanted to set the record straight in a comprehensive review to help you take care of your mane.
wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles

05-07-2022 3 min read

Hair inspiration for a modern and trendy wedding, adorn your hair with head jewels or flower crowns for this life-changing event.

Follow the guide to find your new accessory that will make all the difference!
hairstyle festival

Festival hairstyles

04-07-2022 4 min read

Do you like festivals? Need some inspiration for your next party? We'll find you the best hairlook festival!

Dance with a unique and memorable look!

Pearl headbands

Pearl headbands

10-06-2022 4 min read

Pearl headbands! Headband that can be compared to a head jewel. It is perfect for styling your hair for weddings, and it will dress up your hair with class on ordinary days.

Try beaded headband, you will have the adornment of a Queen for a day.
African Braids

African braids

10-05-2022 5 min read

Complete article on the African braids. How to style African braids ? How to accessorize a braided hairstyle ?

Get some African braided hairstyles inspiration.
short hair style

How to style short hair ?

06-05-2022 5 min read

In this article, you will find out how to style your short hair ! Even the shortest hair can have maximum style!

Whether it's with braids, curly waves or hair accessories, you'll find the style that's right for you!

how to wear headband

How to wear a headband ?

22-03-2022 5 min read

Inspiring hairstyle ideas with headband

That's the promise of this article, we'll leave you with a nice selection of hairstyles to adopt with our headbands.

Whether you have long, short, blonde or brown hair, you will find the headband that will sublimate your hairstyle.
Blair Waldorf's headbands

Blair Waldorf's headbands

08-03-2022 2 min read

Blair and her headbands!

Powerful girl by charisma and style whose signature is the headband! We wanted to review her looks and decipher her accessories.
headband for men

Headband for men

08-02-2022 5 min read

Hair Accessorize are not only for women. Men can wear headbands too! That's what we're going to show you with this analysis of some male celebrities.

Men from sports, music and movies who wear headbands with flair.

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