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Bandana Headband

Bandana headband

12-04-2024 7 min read

Bandana headbands have emerged as a quintessential accessory, effortlessly blending style and functionality to elevate any outfit.

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, versatility reigns supreme, and the bandana headband trend epitomizes just that. 

woman with white hair

The Ultimate White Hair Care Guide

07-02-2024 7 min read

A comprehensive guide to the beauty of white hair, where we explore the nuances of this hair transition.

We dive into the fascinating reasons behind color change, demystifying the process that gives birth to those silvery locks.
Velvet headbands

Velvet headbands elegance

09-10-2023 8 min read

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, where trends come and go like passing seasons, there exists a timeless elegance that transcends the vagaries of style. Velvet, with its sumptuous texture and rich history, has secured its place as a symbol of opulence and sophistication. 

Wedding headbands

Wedding headbands

22-09-2023 5 min read

Perfect Wedding Headband: The ultimate guide.

Choosing the perfect accessory for your wedding day is a crucial step for every bride. Among the options available to you, the wedding headband has become a must-have trend.
Bella Hadid Headband

Bella Hadid headband

30-01-2023 4 min read

File on one of the most coveted models of the moment, we will talk here about the sublime Bella Hadid.

Her style pleased us and especially with her beautiful collection of headbands!
Bridal headbands

Bridal headbands

27-01-2023 5 min read

Choosing a headband for your wedding is just as important as choosing a wedding dress.

It can complete your look and enhance your hairstyle and help you look gorgeous on your big day.

How to wrap hair in scarf ?

How to wrap hair in scarf ?

13-12-2022 6 min read

The guide to wearing scarves in your hair with style.

Whether worn as a headband or around a bun, the scarf will be your new style ally to bring color and personality!

How to style curly hair

How to style curly hair ?

27-11-2022 6 min read

How to style your hair when you have curly hair?

You have curly hair, and you often find yourself lacking hair inspiration. Follow the guide!
How to make a hair mask

How to make a hair mask

19-09-2022 6 min read

Magical, natural mask recipes to deeply nourish and repair your hair.

Easy-to-find ingredients from your closet that are unbelievably effective for enhancing your hair with homemade masks.

Cat ears headband

Cat ears headband

18-08-2022 5 min read

The ear cat headband! Do you prefer to roar or purr? 😸

Cute, chic and sexy looks with an unexpected fashion accessory that has all the success among stars and influencers!  

headbands that don t hurt


01-08-2022 4 min read

Do headbands hurt your head? Do certain accessories damage your hair?

We wanted to set the record straight in a comprehensive review to help you take care of your mane.
wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles

05-07-2022 3 min read

Hair inspiration for a modern and trendy wedding, adorn your hair with head jewels or flower crowns for this life-changing event.

Follow the guide to find your new accessory that will make all the difference!

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