Cat ears headband

Cat ears headband

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Welcome to the world of cat-ears! The cat ear headband is an increasingly popular accessory for those who want to feel cute and fashionable. Don't miss our collection of cat ear headbands

Whether you're looking for an accessory for a cosplay, a Halloween costume, or even just a fun day out, the cat ear headband is the perfect choice.Cat ear headbands come in a variety of styles and colors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your personal style. Some are made with soft and plush fabric, while others are made with plastic or metal. No matter what you choose, you're sure to find a headband that will make you look and feel your best.Not only are cat ear headbands a great way to accessorize, but they also have some practical benefits. They can protect your ears from the sun, wind, and other elements.

Additionally, they can help keep your hair out of your face and keep it from getting in the way.Furthermore, cat ear headbands are a great way to show off your individual style. Whether you want to express yourself with a fun and unique look, or you simply want to feel like a cute cat, the cat ear headband can do just that.

For a few years now, and especially since Ariana Grande started the movement, cat headbands have been in fashion!

Headbands with cat ears are not only made to dress up as a feline during carnival. They can also be used to get into the skin of Catwoman. For a few years, stars have been appropriating this head accessory that at first sight seemed rather banal into a real fashion accessory!

These little accessories are the joy of little girls and women all over the world, who can roar or purr while being stylish and guilt-free!
cat ear headband

Cat lovers are having a field day and proudly wear these little ears around the house or to parties.

The advantage is that it is also suitable for short, long or medium-length hair. A hair accessory that is not exclusive.

This article is dedicated to the most beautiful looks to wear a cat ear headband.


  • How to wear the cat headband?
  • The stars' inspirations
    • Ariana Grande's cat ears
    • Taylor Swift's cat headbands
    • Doja Cat's signature look
  • The different types of cat headbands
    • Jewel cat ear headbands
    • The lace cat ear headband
    • Faux fur cat ear headbands
    • Leather cat ear headbands
    • The minimalist cat headbands
  • How to have a cat look ?
  • Diy cat ear headband

How to wear the cat headband?

To wear the cat ears, you need to keep the little feline ears pricked up. The headband should be placed vertically in the middle of your head and behind the ears so that the ears are upright.

Celebrity Inspiration 

The first to take the guilt out of wearing a cat headband are celebrities like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift or more recently Doja Cat who offers several references to cats in her media image. These women have affirmed a wild, sexy and sometimes provocative style. They have marked us and open new fashion horizons centered around cat ears 😸 

Ariana Grande's cat ears 

How can we forget Ariana in her Love me Harder music video from 2014. Back then, the cat headband was the starlet's signature accessory, accompanied by a high half ponytail tied with a simple elastic. A hairstyle that highlighted her small chin and pretty jaw so well drawn. It leaves moreover the lengths of his hair in the back, so no embarrassment to sing and dance.

Ariana is the first to make the cat headband both sexy, but also trendy and chic. She wore it at every appearance, whether in galas, concerts and photo shoots. And we have to admit that this little touch of fun is pretty refreshing in a look!
ariana grande cat ears

Taylor Swift cat headbands 

With her feline eyes and equally pointy chin, the singer naturally has some cat-like assets. She owns three cats that she adores and proudly shows off on her Instagram account so what could be more natural for her to adopt the cat headband into her outfits!

We'll appreciate the minimalist metal cat headband version she wears with her bangs. But we will also love the cat headband with leopard patterns on her light curls. We will notice that Taylor wears the headband with locks in front of her ears that have been previously sublimated by a blow-dry.

taylor swift cat ears

Doja Cat's signature look

Doja Cat is an American rapper with a psychedelic style both in her lyrics and in her looks. She even identifies herself as a cat in her artist name, so it's no surprise that she plays it up in her appearances with gorgeous cat ear headpieces.

A sexy and glamorous look with pink furry cat ears or simple black ears on a green hair and a red lipstick. We will notice the pretty color of her hair, and we want the address of her hairdresser :)

doja cat ears headband

The different types of headbands cats

The jewel cat ear headbands

When cuteness rhymes with chic and simple cat ears are adorned with rhinestones, sequins and crystal on a small metal support. To be worn with a parting in the middle, loose hair or why not with braids.

Cat ears headbands are absolutely perfect for birthday parties or just to celebrate with friends with that little touch of fantasy.

diy cat ears headband

The lace cat ear headband 

Our favorite version of the black cat ear headband! A feline, sexy and rather sophisticated look. Lace headbands available on our e-shop that look great on both brown and blonde hair.

dolce gabbana headband

Faux fur cat ear headbands

Besides being cute, these cat headband ears will be all soft and comfortable to style. They also are the most realistic cat ears headband version. 

fluffy cat ears headband

You can curl the half-lengths to add texture to the tips and choose a white cat ears headband for more contrast on dark hair. 

Leather cat ear headbands 

The black cat headband in its leather version obviously reminds us of Catwoman. Wear a white or colored outfit to remove the resemblance. On a blond hair, the contrast of the leather will be interesting with a black cat ears headband. Here the haircut is simply smoothed with gel and invisible clips. 

leather cat ears headband

The minimalist cat headbands 

Cat ears for women in their simplest version. A simple metal or plastic base that outlines the feline face for this style of headband with cat ears. The hairstyle becomes refined and beautiful, a simpler model of headdress that lends itself to all occasions. 

 metal cat ears headband

To get smooth, plated hair, style with a comb, then use hair clips of the color of your hair to hold your strands. Straightening your hair and then leaving it lacquered with a fixing spray can also do the trick. In the picture, the model wears a metal cat ear headband. 

Wear an unstructured bun to give a bohemian look to your haircut and to keep your neck clear.

How to have a cat look? 

To perfect your feline style, it's all about the makeup! 

Cat eye makeup 

Cat eyes are one of the characteristics of this mammal. They are almond-shaped with a round shape, but elongated on the sides.

On your eyelid, you can apply a light or neutral color. The star of the cat eye makeup is the eye liner!

Go for a black eyeliner with a fine tip so you can lengthen the comma. Then put on lengthening and curling mascara to have a penetrating look.

This video tutorial should help you with the step by step.

How to make cat ears headband?

For those who love sewing, here is a simple DIY cat ears headband that will show you step by step how to make cat ears headband to accessorize your hair. A cat ears headband diy easy to make, that you will be proud of. 

For more inspiring ideas, check out our feature on hairstyles with a beaded headband.

To find your next cute cat ears headband, visit our amazing e-shop

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