African Braids

African braids

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We love to talk about hairstyles, and today it's time to shed light on African hairstyles based on braids or beautiful plaits.

In this article, you will find tutorials on how to make African braids and lots of ideas on how to style them in a sublime way. Check it further for amazing African hair braiding styles pictures.

1. What are African braids 

Are braids African ?

Hair braiding is one of the most ancient hairstyle traditions in the world.

It is a historical hairstyle whose first traces date back to prehistoric times. African braids can be found on the Venus of Willendorf, a statuette found in Austria and estimated to be 25,000 years old.

In the past, in Ancient Egypt, this hairstyle was reserved for African kings and warriors. They adorned themselves with braids decorated with jewels and gold threads. It was at this time sophisticated hairstyles reserved for a high social class.

From now on, it is a democratized cultural hairstyle. It has become a trend worn mainly by women and by a few gentlemen.

Although it is still more widespread in Africa, it is a hairstyle that has conquered the world. It can now be seen on European, American or Asian faces. Luxury houses do not hesitate to style their models with beautiful African braids during the fashion shows of the haute couture houses.

Very simply, a braid is the braiding of at least 2 strands of hair along their length and then tied at the end.

The names are varied to speak of the different types of African braids. Among these, we can mention two types of braids mainly:

The braids or box braids. These are African box braids  that can be enriched with threads, colored strands, wools, curls or any braiding element. An African braiding hair twisted with pop colors! 

african box braids

Energize your braids with colored highlights here we have a few examples with cyan blue, burgundy red and purple highlights, but all the craziness is allowed. This hairstyle results of good mood, it is guaranteed!

Cornrows are braids stuck on the head. 

 african cornrow braids

African braided hairstyles inspiration

African tribal braids are trendy, as demonstrated below by singer Yemi Alade, a Queen of music and braided hairstyles. She shows with beauty how fashionable the African braid is in different styles. 

braids yemi alade

Go for braids with metallic beads or a half bun. The hairstyle made of simply loose braids is simply sublime.

Simply tied in a ponytail or with an elaborate composition by professional hairdressers, the ethnic charm of braids is well present.

Another star who has succumbed to the charm of braids is Kim Kardashian and we can say that it suits her very well. To wear with a small classy blouse, a small black suit jacket or an ethnic and boho chic dress. An African American braided hairstyles!

kim kardashian african braids

Boxer Braids

In our little investigation, we discovered the Boxer Braid, is it a braid reserved for boxers?

It's true that it's an ideal hairstyle for sports. It holds the strands firmly, but it is a hairstyle that is not only reserved for sportswomen.

Sporty, classy or hippy style, the boxer braid adapts to the different styles of modern women. 

boxer braids


Braided ponytail African

Simply tie your braids with a beautiful scrunchie. Make a high ponytail, on the side. You can also use a wax scarf to give maximum color and get an African ponytail braids. 

A simple and so cute method is to use one of your own braids and do an extra twist around an elastic band. 

 Braided ponytail African

African braided ponytail is perfect for an everyday look. There are also perfect on a classy evening outfit ! 

2. How to do African twist braids


Before you start braiding, brush your hair to untangle each knot. You can apply a little hairspray or gel to help smooth it out.

An African braid is also called a reverse French braid. It is a braid plated on the head, but elaborated in reverse. When weaving, the hair strands must go under each other. Braids can be done on wet or dry hair.

To help you make your own African braids at home we leave you a tutorial available on YouTube that should help you a lot.

We leave you a few minutes with the wonderful Mairaly in this 3 minute tutorial on how to make braids yourself.

Professional African braids

For those who want to turn to a professional, we recommend that you choose hair salons that specialize in Afro cuts. There are also professionals who come to your home to do African braids.

In addition to leaving with a perfect result of braids, you will have a live demonstration of the creation process. 

3. How to maintain African braids

If you braided your hair when it was wet, drying is essential.

To avoid frizz, you can use a little gel or pins of the same color as your hair to make them invisible.

4. Accessories for African braids

Here is our favorite part of this file: hair accessories for African braids.

How to highlight African braids, how to tame these small braids of hair for unique hairstyles?

Addition of strands in the braids

The addition of strands was mentioned at the beginning of this article. It allows varying the texture of the hair, to lengthen the braids or to insert touches of colors. The highlights allow a beautiful creativity to express itself. They are also perfect for festival looks.

As an example, these rainbow African braids looks version. Some magical mermaid looks!

rainbow african braids

The beads

Small accessory, very simple and yet terribly effective to customize its braids. We want to talk about pearls in your braids, of course!

How to style African braids?

Choose golden or silver pearls to create a jewel effect. You will have a look that will remind you of the Queens of Ancient Egypt.

Select all colors to have fun with the compositions. For a Bohemian braid effect, choose wooden beads to string on a few strands. Simple to thread, pretty to wear, there is no need to hesitate. 

 beaded african braids


Did we ever tell you about our love for headbands? Well headbands, whether they are headbands or turbans are the best accessories in the world and this concept applies to African hairstyles.

To hold your hair back and look like a queen, take a trip to our cute headband store !

Choose a headband that matches your outfit or jewelry. Or on the contrary, one that allows a nice contrast and draws attention to your braid. 

headband on braids

To find the perfect headband to enhance your tresses, visit our headband store section. 

The hair scarves

The scarf is another accessory that can be worn as a headband if you fold it on itself, or as a turban. There are several techniques of headwrap on African braids. 

To find your way to tie the scarf in your hair, here is a short video explaining different techniques by the beautiful Kiitana a champion of African hair braiding.

We love the colored scarves with African patterns that are in line with the origins of this hairstyle. Choose wax materials for a more solid hair scarf. 

turban african hair

5. Braids for men

Do African men wear braids ? 

The braided hairstyle is not only for women. It is also a haircut that is very masculine. We offer you a demonstration with these few images.

Whether it is the African braids stuck or the braids, these gentlemen wear with elegance these beautiful weaves. 

african braids man men guy

Hope that our African braiding styles inspire you for a lot more idea, visit our blog !

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