Pearl headbands

Pearl headbands

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We do love love jewelry, and we love pearls. These little ornaments are usually worn on earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings. Sometimes, pearls adorn the hair to create lavish hairstyles with fairy tale head jewelry.

In this article, we wanted to shed light on the most beautiful pearl headbands that exist. What types of pearl headbands can you find? How to wear them? Whether it's for queens' balls or everyday looks among all the city dwellers. We let you decide how to wear it 👸

You'll have the adornment of a Queen for a day or an everyday Queen.

To find your perfect pearl headband, we give you a tour on our beaded headbands.

Summary :

  • The White Pearl Headband
  • The Pearl Wedding Headband
  • The Satin and pearls headband
  • The Bohemian pearl headband
  • The pearl headband
  • The Gatsby headband

White pearl headband

The simplest and perhaps the most effective to give an immediate classy look to all your hairstyles.

The white peal headband is reminiscent of the simple white pearl necklaces worn around the neck. This headband allows you to divert this jewel and transform it into a modern and unexpected hair fashion accessory. 

white pearl headband woman

It is a white pearl headband that suits all hair colors. Its pearly reflections will subtly capture the light and thus illuminate your headdress. It is one of our favorite accessories for its simple, timeless and always have charming effect.

We love to wear it on a falsely unkempt bun, or on naturally loosy hair. 

Gold and pearl headband is the perfect combo to get a subtle princess look. You can get this one below in our e-shop : 


Pearl wedding tiaras and headbands

For a wedding, we will not skimp on the quantity of pearls, we want a wow effect for this event that we will mark with our hairband ornament.

We can wear the pretty headbands with pearly white pearls, or why not opt for fancy creations that mix rhinestones and pearls of all colors.

pearl wedding tiaras and headbands

On a white lace dress, the result will be surprisingly classy.

We appreciate wearing a headband on a straight fringe.

Try these pretty little pearl beaded headband for this big event, the pearl headband with golden touch or the white embroidered headband with some discreet pearls. 

Satin pearl headband

Another possibility that we don't think of right away and that is in fashion, is the fabric headband with small pearls sewn on. A hair accessory that will look good on a work, party or weekend outfit. 

satin pearl headband

The embroidered pearls do not have to be the classic white pearls, on the contrary, have fun with inlays of gold, silver or rhinestones fantasy. 

The fabric can be a simple fabric of one color, but you can also play with fabric type and opt for a velvet headband with pearls or why not a headband in denim and pearls!

Find this black headband with rhinestones and the jean headband in our e-shop ! A jewel headband to spoil yourself!
pearl hairband

The Bohemian Pearl Headband

One of the looks that's a must have in fashion at the moment is the boho look. A style that reminds elegance, but also freedom by the fantasy of colors and lightness of materials.

In the hair, the Bohemian look is shown with rebellious strands on braids or a long thick braid. We can imagine hair adorned with a crown of flowers, and why not with some pearls.

A headband hair accessory adorned with lots of small black and silver beads on a pink fabric and placed horizontally on your head reveals a modern Boho chic style.

A rhinestone headband made of flowers will give a Bohemian style ideal for galas, weddings or chic parties. 

boho pearl hadband

Our favorite in the bohemian style beaded headband category is these incredible accessory nuggets. These headbands are a mixture of pearls, rhinestones and braided wire. Real little jewels to wear without moderation. 

 designer headbands

They also have the advantage of being discreet enough for a casual outfit.

The seed beads headband 

Everyone has made at least once in his life a small bracelet with seed beads. These tiny colored beads that can create daisies or crocodiles!

These pretty beads invite themselves on our hair accessories and prove that they are not reserved only for children. Inventive hair accessories give a second life to these little jewels as demonstrated with those headbands. 

 seed headband

Find this green flower headband with pearls in our online store. 

Gatsby headband

We love the years 1925-1930 for the eccentricity of the clothes and accessories. The movie The Great Gatsby perfectly illustrates the decadence of the looks of the time, and especially the retro hairstyle with headband. 

 retro style headband

Our modern selection is these two pretty beaded headbands with the side jewel. There is the golden leaf version or the black Gatsby headband

 gatsby headband

In conclusion, the variety of types of beaded headbands is endless. Although more often worn as jewelry, using pearls in headbands and headbands offers an unsuspected charm to these hair accessories!

For more hairstyle inspiration, check out our guide on how to wear headband

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