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Festival hairstyles

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Festival hairstyles

Music festivals, those moments of celebration, music and connivance. Festivals are those events that remind us of vacation moments, whether we really are or not. Because even a weekend away is enough to party and enjoy the good atmosphere.  

music festival

Festivals are everywhere in the world, they are also an opportunity to travel and visit a new city of our beautiful planet.

Festivals also allow us to wear outfits that we would never have dared to wear in normal times. No more restraint, just madness to celebrate our favorite music bands with the best hair accessories! In this article, all the best hairstyles for a festival are revealed. 

What are the most beautiful festival hairstyles? 

We have selected a some cool hairstyles to wear or just to admire. Inspirations and ideas for your next celebrations. With this selection of the most beautiful festival looks, you are ready to go!

Buns festival hairstyle

Buns in the hair have been seen in single, double or mini bun versions. This is especially at Burning Man, one of the most impressive festivals in the world. A festival that takes place every year in the Nevada desert that we could see these incredible hairstyles from science fiction movies.
bun hair festival

Feminine and fairy-like hairstyles especially embellished with sequins and princess dresses, buns are simple to make and are cute festival hairstyles. 

Choose a good rubber band to keep your bun in place all day or evening.

To create a perfect bun, we leave you a little video tutorial by Lilith Moon

Braid festival hairstyle

Are braids a trendy hairstyle for festivals ?

We love braids! It's such an easy way to create an elaborate hairstyle with the minimum of accessories and without taking too much time. The ways to attach them with pins, clips or barrettes are endless. And it's these clever ways of tying them up that make the hairstyles original. 

 braid festival hairstyle

Have fun creating buns out of several thin braids, or consider coloring some of your locks for a fantastic effect! Sprinkle your body with glitter stickers, and you'll be a real mermaid! 

Festival Hairstyles glitter are always a good idea ! 

For those who want ready-made braids, check out our cute collection of braided headbands!

For those who want to start making their own braids, here is a video demonstration that should help you. To get the the full skils of making braids, do the exercise several times 😊


Colored hair in festival 

For the time of a festival, we dare everything! And one of the most radical ways to get into the skin of a new character is to change the hair color! And if possible with a great touch of madness.

Whether you're blonde or brunette, why not try rainbow hair coloring? It's fun and it also allows you to show your support to the LGBT community, of which the rainbow flag is the standard! 

colorful hair festival

To be combined with braids, buns or half ponytails! A beautiful fantasy that we assume during festivals, and why not more? A hair fashion to launch!

Half up festival hairstyles are in trends ! 

Bonus: What accessories to wear in a festival?

We love festivals for many reasons, but the main one is because we can dress up and wear all the most extravagant accessories.

Flower crown festival

The Coachella festival, the famous event in California that takes place every year, is distinguished by its mainly Bohemian style. And of which the flower crown is one of the most basic elements to the look.

So it's a hair accessory we couldn't miss in this festival look guide!

We love pop colors, the style that can be vitaminized with Hawaiian flowers. Or romantic with rather country side flowers in pastel colors.

Hair Clips

And the overlapping barrettes! The rule being that the more the merrier! It's the return of the barrette trend in hair. Since the barrettes jewels appeared on the catwalks of the fashion shows, everyone snatches them. It's true that they are small, delicate and useful accessories!

Wear the line of barrettes on a plated bun or sideways on one side of the head! Originality guaranteed for these new style nuggets!

barrette hairstyle

An original and customizable style according to your tastes and desires! 

Head jewelry

Head jewels are items that do not fit into the category of headbands, headbands or barrettes. They are sometimes a mix of these accessories and sometimes new creative inventions made from chain, beads and pieces of necklaces or bracelets.

The allure of head jewelry is that of the Middle Eastern Queen. Right in the bohemian chic trend, they are small accessories not at all discreet and terribly stylish! Wear them to get an easy festival hairstyles !

head jewelry

Queen's crowns! 

We dared the flower crowns and why not move on to the Queen crowns? How about taking on this new royal hairstyle as a new style for the next festivities?

For this section we have found these majestic crowns that will illuminate your hair with their shiny metal and (fake or real for the luckiest ones) diamonds and precious stones that compose them.

Original and so unique, make the difference by choosing a crown to match your outfit or your makeup of the moment.

Wearing a crown is an easy festival hairstyles for short hair! 

crown festival

The Indian headdresses!

We noticed many photographs in the reports of festivals of girls wearing sumptuous Indian headdresses. The desire to copy them and reinterpret their style has immediately conquered us.

We love this ethnic style and made from simple feathers that are transformed into a headdress of exception. Indian touch that is very popular with the Bohemian look.

indian headdress

And you, what will be your new music festival hairstyles look? Fall for amazing hair accessories and visit our shop

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