headband for men

Headband for men

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How to wear a headband men ?

Our favorite hair accessory has sometimes been spotted among the male population and to our dismay, it is still little known and worn among those gentlemen. 

Should guys wear headbands?

We wanted to create an article to highlight the wearing of headbands among men and taking as examples world-famous and adored stars of guys who wear headbands. 

Indeed, although stars of television, music or sports have already adopted the headband as a fashion accessory trend, there is still a long way to go to give it grace with the general public. Is it finally a good thing to reserve this object for the most sophisticated looks? Or should we keep this accessory secret from the world? We will try to answer with this photo report of headbands worn by men who inspired us and fascinated us with their beautiful hairstyles.

We hope to give you some ideas with these haircuts that we loved in the team.

Summary :

  1. The headband for sportsmen
  2. Headbands for singers
  3. Headbands for actors


Whether it's the headband or the hairband, sportsmen are crazy about this hair accessory, which is very practical for styling and for keeping the hair back during their activity. Stay ahead of the game with the must-have hair accessory for sportsmen and athletes with our collection. 

The practicality is therefore a strong point for men wearing headbands. If your hair is too short to be tied up in a bun or ponytail with a scrunchie, the headband is an ideal accessory to keep bangs and flyaways out of the way.


soccer player star headband

So the French little prince of soccer, Antoine Griezmann likes the headbands in colored rubber bands. This montage proposes an extract of his collection that we think is quite provided with hairbands for his mid-length hair.

The style of the blond sportsman becomes classy and casual, with this effect of his hair tousled carelessly pushed to the sides. A hairband to enhance a sporty look! 


david beckham headband

Do headbands look good on guys?

How can you think of a footballer with headbands without immediately thinking of the most glamorous of them all, David Beckham? At the time, when he was discovered with this style of hairstyle, I was sure that a new fashion would be launched and that all the boys would start wearing headbands in the city. For some mysterious reason, this fashion didn't catch on in the 2000s. The world was not yet ready to be as stylish as David, this is my only logical explanation.

One would think that years later Antoine Griezmann who naturally has hair of the same type as David, that is to say short, light brown and gradient of fine hair type, could have been inspired by David's look.

On the field, David likes thin, black elastic headbands to hold his hair. In everyday life, for example for walks in the city, he seems to prefer timeless models in plastic or metal. The style is more sophisticated but just as cool. A good balance between chic and casual. Well done David! We're a big fan.


graham suzi headband

Graham Zusi is a tall, hairy American soccer player who is little known in Europe and who caught our attention with his pretty hairstyles (and his pretty face, we admit... and his pretty body... anyway). On her brown curls, the headband highlights her face by clearing her forehead and leaving her hair curly. This hairstyle gives him the volume that a blow-dry could have given without going to the hairdresser.

He chose fine and colored headbands which add a little pep to his style. He pushes the coquetry to the point of accessorizing his hair band with the color of his soccer jersey. The hairstyle idea is ingenious in terms of fashion.



Last duo of footballers with the famous Cristiano Ronaldo that we do not present anymore who proves that men can wear a headband even on short haircut.

And the less known Sergio Ramos, Spanish soccer player of Real Madrid and his incredible long hair.

Both players will agree on the choice of the headband for sports: elastic, thin and with discreet colors in black or white. Sober and discreet choice.

And we agree to validate their haircut that looks as good on short hair as on long hair.


We went through the artistic circles where headband keeps its functional aspect. The men that we are going to present you are more free on the fantasy of the hair accessorize by the choice of the colors and the shape of the headband.


zayn malik headband

The least we can say is that Zayn has beautiful thick brown hair, to which the metal serrated comb headband fit very well. Whether it is on a bun or with the hair loose in the natural vibe.

The other of his fetish hair accessories are the elastic headbands with a medium thickness, unlike the choice of footballers. Thanks to him, the hairband man finds a classy style of charming artist.

He wears the headbands and hairbands in a casual and stylish way and seems to make no effort at all for this so stylish result.



harry style headband

We found his sidekick of the one direction, who shares with Zayn a common love for headbands. Same accessory, but in a more artistic and Bohemian style. Harry wears headband turbans that we suspect he made himself from a scarf or a scarf, in view of the volume of his hair.
We find in his looks his creativity and his audacity of artist. He seems to have a lot of fun with his hairstyles, and we totally agree with him.


Another type of artist and still as many beautiful inspirations with these men, legendary actors who dared to wear the headband in their hair.


leonardo dicaprio hairstyle

Leo and his headband, we almost forgot these shots of the actor with a headband in his youth that raises his bangs.
Simple and effective, we would love to see him with hairbands in his new films.


johnny depp headband

We finish our retrospective with a mythological male idol, the great and unique Johnny Depp and his hairbands. Sometimes with bandanas, sometimes with scarves, he mixes materials and styles for a boho, rebellious and wild result in accordance with his personality. He was one of the first to prove that hair accessories are not only for women.

If these looks have inspired you, we suggest you take a look at our online store with our collection of headbands for men. Whatever your hair type, there's a headband for you.

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