Blair Waldorf's headbands

Blair Waldorf's headbands

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Do you remember the Queen B? The powerful and magnetic Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl? 

She's the sassy, overachieving girl, ready to take aim at any enemy who dares cross her path. I'm talking, of course, about the unforgettable Blair Waldorf. This feisty Upper East Sider dreaded playing second fiddle to her best friend Serena van der Woodsen, so she made it her constant challenge to try to outdo her in everything.

Blair and Serena Gossip Girls

The main thing these two Gossip Girl characters had in common was their incredible ability to always look fabulous

Of course, their lavish lifestyles had an impact on their outfits, but there's no denying that it takes talent to put together even the most luxurious designer pieces into such perfect ensembles 24/7. Whether it's accessorizing daywear or finding the perfect dress for a prestigious party, Serena and Blair were a dazzling duo.

Queen B asserts her personal tastes, but for many seasons, her main fashion product is a large collection of headbands. The intricacies of this most critically acclaimed character on the Gossip Girl series are too detailed to go into, but what we can do is have fun taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting, once again, all the best moments of Blair Waldorf's headband queen hairstyles.

We'll break down her style to understand her highlights and get inspired.


It wasn't the only headband she wore to school, but the big red bow headband certainly became one of her most memorable accessories.

red bow headband

The blair waldorf yellow headband

As every color match her perfect brown hair, she demonstrates that a bright and daring color like yellow could look just fine on her. For more visit our collection of yellow headbands

blair waldorf yellow headband

The Queen Tiara

Queen B wants to shine with her look and she showed it with her rhinestone and diamond tiaras on her head.

Queen B tiara

The romantic knot headband

knot headband
Sailor's knots revisited in a Blair style. As a head jewel!

The wise headband

The wise style mastered to perfection. She twists it with a sexy little top to play on the contrasts of style. 

nice queen B

The fabric turban headband

And she doesn't hesitate to add some color to one of these classic and Bohemian hair accessories.

scarf headband blair

To recreate this look, pick your headband among our green headband collection. 

The leather headband

The leather headband in white! We imagined her to be rocking a black headband, but Blair decided to wear the leather headband in a chic way. So she chose white with discreet patterns.

white leather headband

The dramatic flower headband

The white satin flower headband for weddings. 

 white wedding headband

Pearl headband 

In the evening, the headbands still have an important place in his style. Demonstration with this beautiful pearl headband

 chic pearl headband

 Another demonstration here with this simple bead line. 

bead line headband

How to look like Blair Waldorf?

We hope this article has inspired you and made you want to wear more headbands. 

To help you pick some new ones, we've made a selection of headbands from our store 😍

Rhinestone headbands: 

strass rhinestone headband

Beaded headbands: 

beaded headband

Jewelry headbands :

jewelry headband

Classic headbands: 

simple headband

To finish, we wanted to tell you about the reboot of Gossip Girl which is expected in 2021, we don't have an official date yet, but we can't wait to see her new looks! And especially her new headbands!

See you soon for new adventures of Queens!


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