How to wrap hair in scarf ?

How to wrap hair in scarf ?

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Scarf into hairstyles for women

The scarf, this accessory of the female wardrobe that we generally wear around the neck to keep warm. 

It is also a hair accessory still under-exploited. Whether it is a square of silk or a long strip of fabric, it allows you to style your hair for different styles.

This article is going to give you several hairstyle ideas on how to wrap your hair in a scarf. Try also the headband scarf to wear simply, available on our e-shop. 

5 stylish ways to tie a scarf in your hair

The scarf is an accessory that can be used to add color and style to any headpiece. There are many stylish ways to tie a scarf in your hair. Some examples below.  

 scarf headband

1. The scarf as a headband

The first method is to wrap the scarf around your head, like a headband, and secure it in place with a hair clip or pins.

For a bohemian effect, use a rectangular scarf that is long enough and let the strips twirl freely at the back of your head. 

This hairstyle will look very elegant on short hair or on long sleek hair. You can strengthen this hairstyle with some bobby pins

2. The scarf as a scrunchie

Upgrade your practical rubber bands to exquisite floral scarves to elevate your updo.

scarf as a scrunchie

You can also tie a scarf around the base of your ponytail or bun to give these simple hairstyles a touch of romance and style!

The little bit of hair left on the cheeks also plays an important role in the composition of this look.

3. The scarf in the braid

Scarf in the braid

Make a braid in your long hair and put the scarf through it to give it even more interest by its volume, its colors and its originality. Let a side part of your hair messy or wavy to have this cool girl look of the picture above. 

4. The scarf as a turban

scarf as a turban

Another option is to wear a scarf in the form of a turban by rolling up the fabric and tying it with pins or ties. It will look amazingly cute with bangs. 

For an ethnic look, go for printed and colorful scarves.

As this method is a bit more complex than the others, we found you a nice video tuto. So you can be your own stylist. 


5. The scarf as a bandana  

scarf as a bandana

Finally, you can simply tie your scarf like a bandana on straight hair like the picture above. For this look, get a large square of scarf. For an even more glamorous look, leave pieces of fabric hanging with your hair. 

It's better to comb your hair before tying your scarf. 

However you decide to tie your scarf, you'll get a polished and elegant look.

How to accessorize your look with a scarf

Accessorizing your look with a scarf can be a simple and effective way to add a personal touch to your style. There are many ways to use it, but if you want to add a feminine and sophisticated touch to your look, you can add big earrings or an accumulation of necklaces for a bohemian style. 

accessorize your look with a scarf

For a subdued look, choose a scarf in colors that complement your hair color or shades that bring out your hair hue.

You can choose between a more formal or casual look depending on the type of party you'll be attending. For example, for a fancy party, a silk or satin headband can be tied at the back of the head with a headband or with bobby pins to create a sophisticated hairstyle.

 look with scarf

For a more romantic look, opt for a printed scarf worn tied around the neck and tied at the sides. 

Transform your look with bows and scarves

How to wear a scarf in your hair ? A scarf is a simple and elegant way to give your look a touch of whimsy. There are many ways to wear it. You can tie it around your neck or put it in your hair to add a finishing touch to your hairstyle.

African scarf

Shiny colors pop up your skin tone, if you want to warm up your style you can select a yellow headband

To wear a scarf in your hair, start by placing it on your head and tying it in a knot in the back.

You can then take a comb and comb the hair around the scarf to create fine strands that will wrap around the scarf, making it a unique and charming accessory.

You can also use hair clips to keep flyaways in place. With a few simple tricks, you can easily transform your look with bows and scarves!

A step-by-step guide to getting the best scarf style 

A scarf can be a useful and practical fashion accessory that can add a little color and style to your outfit. With the right tips, you can learn how to put a scarf in your hair and get the best style possible. 

guide for scarfs

A scarf can be a useful and practical fashion accessory that can add a little color and style to your outfit. With the right tips, you can learn how to put a scarf in your hair and get the best style possible.  

The 10 most popular scarf styles

Hair scarves have become a convenient way to change the look of your hair quickly and easily. There are many ways to use a scarf to enhance your hair and add a personal touch to any look. 

scarf wrap

The 10 most popular styles are the bandana, bow tie, turban, herringbone braid, high ponytail, cascading braid, fake dreadlocks, infinity loop, big bow and oversized scarf around the head.

Each of these styles offers a variety of options to create interesting looks that can be worn to the office or on special occasions.

How to complete your look with a scarf 

Putting a scarf in your hair can be a great way to complete your look. Braids and other styles of braids can help you create a unique and personalized look that will complement the scarf you choose. You can choose to tie the scarf around your head, then wrap the ends in a pigtail or braid for a bold look. Or, you can use the scarf as an accessory to complement your hairstyle.

braid scarf

If you choose braids or plaits, try tying a scarf at the base of each braid or plait. To add volume to your style, opt for a longer, thicker scarf to create an interesting visual feel. This way, you can easily complete your look with a scarf that will add the perfect finishing touch to your remarkable hairstyle! 

Say goodbye to days without style, wear scarves in your hair!

Styling with a scarf is easy and can certainly add a unique touch to your look. Scarves are a simple and flexible way to customize your hairstyle and add an extra touch to your look. Whether you wear a bow wrapped around your head, a cute bow tie or even just loose curls draped to the side, a scarf is an accessory that can easily enhance your personality and look. 

scarf looks

You can choose a scarf that complements your outfit or find colors that match your hair perfectly. With a little imagination, you can find a variety of styles for every occasion. So say goodbye to days without style and learn how to wear scarves in your hair! 

Simple tips to give your hair a sophisticated touch with a scarf

Wearing a scarf in your hair can be a simple and elegant way to give your look a sophisticated touch. The important thing is to choose the right type of scarf for your hair color and texture. The first step is to choose a scarf made of light, flowing materials, such as cotton, to prevent hair from tangling.

Creative ways to add a trendy touch to your hairstyles with a simple scarf 

Wearing a scarf in your hair is a simple and trendy way to enhance your look just like with a headband. You can tie it around your head for a more casual look or use it as an accessory to accentuate your hair. You can add both color and texture to your look. A scarf can be put on quickly, and it can be changed often to achieve a different look.

Above are examples of headbands created simply from scarves.

scarf in hair

Take a few minutes to figure out how you're going to wear this little accessory and enjoy the compliments you'll receive on your trendy style!

The bohemian-chic style to your hairstyles in a few minutes with scarves

The bohemian-chic style is a chic and sophisticated way of styling. It can enhance any hairstyle and is one of the most popular trends in fashion. To adopt this look in minutes, nothing could be easier than incorporating a scarf into your hairstyle. Simply place a scarf gently at the nape of your neck or tie it around your head to add a chic and original touch to your hair. If the look is too strict, you can also detach it for a more casual and bohemian look. You can also play with the material of the scarf to add volume to the hair or to add an artistic touch to your look. Bohemian-chic style can be achieved easily and quickly with the scarves you wear on your head, so don't hesitate to try it!

To complete your look, visit our online store to find your next accessory. 

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