wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles

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Summer is here and with it comes its great moments of joy, happiness and love! This is one of the times of the year when wedding events bloom! And to get you ready for this new season, we've put together a guide of wedding hair ideas and inspiration.

A touch of elegance and sophistication combined with a hint of Bohemian. Get ready to see some of the classics transformed into casual, yet modern adaptations to look your best. Whether it's your wedding day or a loved one's, we've put together this ultimate guide of wedding hairstyles!

And we've included styling tips with all your favorite accessories that can be found in our store.


  1. Texture of your hair
  2. Wedding headbands
  3. Wedding flower crowns
  4. Hair clips

1. Work on the texture of your hair

For medium-length hair, focus on volume and frizz. Ruffled, textured, perfectly imperfect hair is the perfect way to showcase volume with grace.

You can tie it up in a half ponytail or a half bun if the length of your ends allows it. Leave a few strands of hair on the sides, just in front of your ears, to give your haircut a glamorous, modern edge.

 wedding hairstyles for long hair

If you're clearing your neck, sublimate your headwear with a dangling earring made of rhinestones. The look is elegant and chic!

2. Wedding headbands

We can't say it enough, but headbands have been around since the dawn of time and they make every head look great. Accessories in full swing and super trendy.

They are practical, discreet and adjustable according to the occasion. Moreover, they are hair accessories that are suitable for all hair lengths. Whether you have mid-length hair, short hair or long hair, they will be perfect to sublimate your wedding hairstyles.

Embroidery and lace headbands

For originality with a twist, we loved these lace headband options. Choose a white version to keep with the theme, or have fun with pink or gray lace headbands.

For example, this gorgeous white embroidery headband. Or the headband designs below.

bridal wedding headband

Jewel headbands 

A new idea for a simple and chic wedding hairstyle. Have you ever thought about head jewels? A mix between the practicality of headbands and the beauty of jewelry, with whether gold, rhinestones or pearls materials.

Simple hair accessories that will give a chic and dressed up look in all simplicity.

For a romantic look at the wedding, opt for jewelry that replicates flowers. A new kind of metallic and durable flower crown to keep in your jewelry box or to hang proudly in your home decor.

A hair accessory that will make you look like a modern queen. 

head jewel wedding

3. Wedding flower crowns

For chic and Bohemian events, we love wedding flower crowns! They allow you to create easy and fresh hairstyles for the big day.

Thus, it's the return of flower power. Opt for flower crowns with vibrant and vitaminized colors to give full energy to your party hair!

These are accessories that will suit even the shortest hairstyles. You no longer have an excuse not to succumb to the charms of flowers 😍

For your photo shoots, flower crowns will be a hit. They make the poses more photogenic, fashion magazine worthy shots.

Depending on the theme of the wedding, find a floral arrangement that matches your outfit.

flower crown

4. Hair clips 

The range of hairstyles possible with hair clips is endless.

You can embellish a simple bun with little touches of flowers and rhinestones with fancy hair pins.

You can also pin your naturally loose hair to one side with a large barrette.

Whether the style is assertive or more discreet, barrettes are pretty little assets. With subtlety, you will transform a simple hairstyle into a beautiful and elaborate creation.

hair clip wedding

Now that you have some wedding hairstyle inspirations, prepare your hair beauty for the big day with a homemade hair mask!

All you have to do is choose your dress, shoes and purse and you'll be ready for the big ball!

And for more ideas, visit our pretty online store dedicated to hair accessories.

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