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Valentine's Day gift ideas for your hair

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Original Valentine's Day gift for your hair 

Valentine's Day is the holiday known for celebrating love. Whether you're a couple or alone, we recommend to love yourself and not just on February 14th, but all the time. Here, we use Valentine's Day as a simple reminder to love and to spoil yourself. 

With this first Valentine's Day in the context of covid, we wanted to choose comforting materials and warm colors that are good for the mood (and the heart ❤️).

Short history and origin of Valentine's Day 

We have conducted an investigation to understand where this holiday comes from and what is its history.

By its name we guessed that it has its origins in religion. And we have obviously seen right.

This festival is the continuation of a pagan celebration in reference to a mythology that honored Lupercus, the god of fertility.

Tradition that would have then taken back the Christian church in 495 during the canonization of a certain Valentine of Terni by the pope Gelasius I.

To tell the truth, the more we have searched for its meaning and its origins, the more we have found different versions, as shown on the Wikipedia page of Valentine's Day.

To simplify we will keep our first story and move on to our selection of special Valentine's Day headbands ❤️

Selection of Valentine's Day Headbands

If during the celebration of Valentine's Day for the Greeks and Romans, we honored the god Lupercus with offerings of animal sacrifices.

Times in 2021 have changed. The offerings are made for the loved one and usually consist of chocolates or bouquets of flowers, jewelry or lingerie.

We have a completely different vision of things. We reveal the Queens through our headbands and this Valentine's Day is part of our habits with original gifts.

Flower headbands

Symbol of poeticism and romanticism, giving flowers in love is one of the most popular traditions marked in our time.

The flower that represents the absolute love is the red rose, also called the Queen of flowers

But as every woman is different and has different tastes, Valentine's Day flower bouquets can also be composed of peonies, orchids, daffodils or even violets.

It's your hairstyle that will be adorned with flowers with this selection of flower crowns.

For starters, this sumptuous flower crown. A different kind of rose bouquet!

roses crown

The flowers are generous in size for an absolutely fabulous look.

To modernize this wreath, we added some cuttings and green leaves. Wreath floral arrangement.

couronne roses


For more color and brightness we found you this pretty creation

hawaian flower crown

One last original alternative for giving flowers: the flower headband. The one below is chic and classy because it is made of a satin material similar to the one found on scarves. 

floral headband


Red headbands

How not to think of the color red when thinking of love? The color red is the color of passionate love, at least in Western cultures. The red has also other meanings, that we let you discover here.

This one we love, it's one of our little darlings. The headband velvet braid in vibrant red. It is available on this e-store. Romantic and modern effect guaranteed. In addition its soft velvet fabric is so comfortable 🥰

burgundy velvet headband

Another of our favorites, a headband design that has come back strong in fashion. It's the fleecy maxi headband. It clears the forehead and gives a maximum volume in the hair. Likewise, it has been seen on several stars, including Dua Lipa who felt in love with those padded headband

maxi red headband

 Another style, more rock and very glamorous, the timeless leather headband. It is absolutely perfect for all occasions and always gives a little rebel and sophisticated side to an outfit.  

leather red headband

In the spirit of simplicity, we found this sublime headband. Simple but effective to give you romance in style.  

fabric red headband

Jewelry headbands

One of the other gifts that lovers love to give each other for Valentine's Day is jewelry. Whether it's a small pair of earrings, a necklace, or just for occasions that you want to mark with a nice ring. Jewelry is a fashion accessory that we offer to our loved ones as a token of affection.

That's why in our selection of headbands special Valentine's Day, we wanted to present you jewelry but in the form of hair accessory. The shape of the jewelry is original, the style is superb. So we present our selection of headbands jewelry made out of rhinetones.

We start with a masterpiece because we start with a line of diamonds (actually they are rhinestones, but it sounded less good and it is just as pretty). This pretty model offers crystals of different sizes on a gold metal base. 

diamant headband

Another accessory source of beautiful emotions, we want to talk about a sober and elegant line of pearls. The one presented below is composed of two sizes of pearls. The pearls are alternated on the whole row of the headband. 

pearl headband

Another style of headband jewelry that is charming and bright and of course we love. A head jewel made of crystals, similar to a princess tiara. 

purple rhinestone headband

For hair bathed in golden light, we selected this beautiful flower crown made of crystals and gold. Give yourself the look of a Queen with this jewel. 

head jewel headband

Lace headbands

What inspired this section are the fine lingerie that we exchange from time to time during this lovers' day. Delicate and refined, the embroidered lace materials perfectly highlight the femininity of a body or in our case the femininity of a head of hair.

We make you the demonstration with this special selection of lace headbands.

First white lace headband, enhanced by gold embroidery and sequins. 

bridal headband

In the same family, there is this little headband made of beads and embroidery in beige, which we find irresistible. It is chic and discreet, it will sparkle all day in your hair. 

beige bridal headband

To embellish the lace, we added pearly beads in the middle of the accessory. The result is this beautiful black lace headband. It should give anyone who wears it the look of an empress. 

black pearl headband

So have you found your perfect headband for Valentine's Day? If not, we invite you to visit our amazing e-shop dedicated to headband

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