White floral headband


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  • An ethnic floral headband 

    White headband on which glass beads come to form flowery drawings.

    Style of this headband 

    The style of this accessory is unique. A clever mix between modernity by its turban shape and an ethnic spirit by its mix of colors.

    A little fantasy to wear at the office as well as during the weekends of relaxation with friends. An accessory that will give you that little original note in your everyday look.

    Details of this headband 

    A headband that consists of a white fabric headband and finely chosen pearls in Prussian blue and light yellow. 

    • Fabric: cotton and polyester blend
    • Headband diameter: 5.12 inches
    • Headband width: 1.5 inch
    • Weight: 90g
    • PVC base


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