Silky headbands

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  • Adopt a wild accessory

    Headband with a satin material featuring leopard print with revisited colors.

    The style of this headband

    The style is modern and original for this leopard print twisted by purple spikes.

    A headband to wear with dressy outfits or with simple casual outfits such as the combination of white tee and jeans. It will do wonders to highlight your hair with its bright color contrasts.

    Secrets of this satin headband 

    On this leopard print headband, the fabric has been tied around its base to create a turban knot.

    An accessory designed to be light and very comfortable.

    • Headband diameter: 5 inches
    • Headband width: 1.57 inch
    • Fabric: synthetic silk
    • PVC base

    The cleaning of this accessory is recommended to be done with hand wash, with cold water and soft soap to preserve the quality of its fabric. 


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