Pink fur headband


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  • Treat yourself with pink ears! 

    Plush cat ear headband in pink version.

    The style of this headband

    A feline and feminine style for these soft little ears that will turn you into a cat. 

    Indulge in the warmth and style of our Faux Fur Pink Headband, a chic accessory that combines comfort and fashion effortlessly. Crafted with care, this headband adds a touch of cozy elegance to your attire.

    Our Faux Fur Pink Headband is a versatile statement piece designed to keep you both comfortable and stylish. The soft, pink faux fur not only keeps you warm on chilly days but also elevates your look with a playful sophistication. Whether you're strolling in the park or attending a winter party, this headband is the perfect companion.

    Created with premium faux fur materials, our headband offers both durability and a luxurious feel. The adjustable fit ensures a secure yet comfortable wear all day long.

    Experience the allure of our Faux Fur Pink Headband and transform your outfit into a cozy and fashionable masterpiece. Elevate your style and stay snug in the colder months by adding this delightful accessory to your collection. Order yours today and embrace the perfect blend of warmth and elegance.

    Secrets of this cat headband

    Pink cat ears delivered with a bow and a bell on each part. A comfortable and very feminine accessory. Its diameter adapts to all circumferences. 

    • Headband diameter: 5 inches 
    • Metal base 
    • bow and bell removable


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