Black floral headband


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  • A sumptuous floral headband

    Black headband set with rhinestones forming red and white flowers.

    The style of the headband 

    A dressy and glamorous style for this hair headband made of bright crystals.

    Wearing jewelry in an original way, your hairstyle will be adorned with a unique accessory of a modern Queen.

    You can pair this accessory with a classy black dress and red pumps to make a subtle color statement. 

    Details of this headband 

    An accessory created from a headband with a soft fabric on which jewels have been meticulously attached.

    A headband created to be comfortable to wear and durable over time.

    • Headband diameter: 5.12 inches
    • Headband width: 1.5 inch
    • Weight : 76g 
    • Fabric: cotton and polyester blend
    • PVC base


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