Crystal flower headband


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  • Adorn yourself with jewelled flowers

    A golden and flowery tiara.

    Style of this Tiara

    A world of floral poetry with our flower and crystal tiara, a fusion of natural beauty and sparkling brilliance. Each crystal is carefully integrated among the delicate petals, creating a piece that is both sophisticated and mesmerizing.

    His handcrafted design ensures a comfortable fit, while its refined details add a touch of glamour to any outfit.
    Plunge into floral delicacy with our flower and crystal tiara, and let your beauty shine in the spotlight.
    Order now and let yourself be enchanted by this exceptional piece.

    Secrets of this headband 

    This accessory has been designed to be solid, light and very comfortable. 

    • Headband diameter: 5 inches
    • Metal base


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