Chocolate brown headband


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  • A hair accessory with chocolate color

    Headband with chocolate-brown velvet bow.

    Style of this headband

    Introducing our Headband with a sumptuous chocolate-brown velvet bow – the epitome of refined style.

    Luxuriously crafted, this accessory effortlessly blends comfort and elegance. The velvety texture adds a touch of opulence to your hair, while the chocolate-brown hue exudes sophistication.

    The statement bow, perfectly placed, infuses a playful yet chic element to your look. Ideal for any occasion, this headband is your shortcut to instant glamour.

    Elevate your style with this exquisite piece that strikes the perfect balance between fashion and comfort. Make a statement effortlessly – order your Headband with Chocolate-Brown Velvet Bow now for a touch of timeless allure.

    Secrets of this headband 

    • Headband diameter: 4.73 inches, adjustable
    • Headband width: 1.8 inch
    • Weight: 28 g
    • PVC base


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