Black and white bandana headband


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  • Adopt the bandana look

    Bandana headband in black and white. 

    Style of this headband

    Explore rebellious allure with our bandana headband in white, a color symbolizing timeless grace and freshness. This versatile headband embodies minimalist elegance.

    Each fold of the bandana tells a story of infinite possibilities, reminiscent of the blank pages of an artist's notebook. The soft, delicate texture guarantees superior comfort all day long.

    This adjustable headband is perfect for any occasion, from an urban getaway to a special event. Whether it complements a casual outfit or adds an elegant touch to a chic evening, this bandana headband embodies the perfect union of classic simplicity and modern elegance. Express yourself with finesse thanks to our bandana headband in white.

    Details of this headband

    • Cotton/polyester blend fabric
    • Headband diameter: 4.7 inches, adjustable
    • Headband width: 1.2 inch
    • Weight: 30 g
    • PVC base


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