Headband turban


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  • Boho and sophisticated 

    Headband made of three-colored fabric: white, black and beige.

    The style of this headband

    This headband features a turban shape mix of bohemian inspirations and a nice mix of elegant colors. Black and white are timeless and wonderfully effective, this mix combined with a touch of beige, becomes even more sophisticated.

    This headband will delicately underline your taste for style with a touch of Bohemian. A perfect accessory for modern queens.

    Secrets of this headband 

    We chose a multicolored fabric, hand-tied and assembled. It was designed to be resistant and avoid slipping on any type of hair, even the straightest.

    • Headband diameter: 5 inches
    • Headband width: 1.57 inch
    • Fabric: cotton and polyester blend
    • PVC base


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